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Kinship Adoption

Kinship adoptions are often done as Independent adoptions, that is the adoptive parents and birth parents do not involve an agency. In fact, it does not make sense, economically, to involve an agency for these types of adoptions.
Mr. Barnes has many years of experience in handling kinship adoptions, and can help you navigate through the complexity. There are many advantages when adopting a child that is related to you.  Schedule your appointment to discuss the particulars of your case today!
Our goal is to help each client have a smooth and successful adoption.  Because there is no agency involved, it is very critical that everything get done right, and on time, or the possibility of a successful adoption can become compromised.  Moreover, it is imperative that the adoptive parent(s) have access to their legal counsel 24/7, 365 days a year. As such, each of Mr. Barnes’ independent adoption clients are given his personal cellular phone number and encouraged to ask as many questions at anytime of the day or night. Thus potential problems can be diffused and other problems can be addressed immediately.
DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS.  DON’T TRUST YOUR ADOPTION TO JUST ANYONE!  GET PEACE OF MIND and hire Mr. Barnes and his staff to help you through this very important time in your life!