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Representing Yourself – Pro Se

in an Adoption Case

A “pro se litigant” is a person who has decided against hiring a lawyer in favor of self representation in a court case.
There are many reasons that a person chooses to represent themselves in court. But the question is, should they?
In most cases you can represent yourself in court. But, there are times when it would not be in your best interest, and adoption law is one of them.
Almost every adoption case (with only a limited exception, which is rarely granted by the Court) will required an evidentiary type hearing / trial where you are expected to put forth your witnesses for live testimony and submit legally acceptable (admissible) documents as evidence.
While you have the right to represent yourself in court, you should not expect any special treatment, help, or attention from the court.  You must still comply with the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure, even if you are not familiar with them.  Moreover, you are expected to know and follow the adoption laws, which are very complex, and also all the “case law” that goes along with them.
Be careful, there may be places on the internet that are willing to sell/give you what they call “adoption forms”, which initially give the user a false sense of security, but please understand, they do not and cannot address the specific facts of you case no matter how good they may appear to be.
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By Jason F. Barnes